Changing Peoples Activity Patterns (CHAPS)

Despite the importance of physical activity to health, many people do not meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity. In order to gain a greater understanding of people's activity levels and patterns in everyday life we undertook a project with the Paths to Health organisation. We gave people an activity monitoring device which can provide information on the proportion of time spent active.

By augmenting this information with location data over the same time period it was possible to derive information such as: number of trips outdoors, trip duration, distance travelled, the categorisation of activity (such as walking for exercise or in-home movement), and comparative information such as the proportion of travel on foot versus other modes of transport.

Funder: Paths to Health Funding: approx £20k Collaborators and Funders Funder: Paths to Health was established in 2001. Its aim is to contribute to health improvement in Scotland through the promotion of walking for health and their work now forms a key delivery mechanism for Scotland’s Physical Activity Strategy - Let’s Make Scotland More Active. For further information, please follow the link to their website. Collaborators: Peter Barrie & Andreas Komninos please follow the link to their website.