Instructions on how to install the application.

Please access this link from your phone browser. The application will be downloaded in the Downloads folder of your phone (the file will be named HOLDI.apk). Once you locate it, please click on it and press on Install.

As you are not downloading the application from Google Store, the phone might display the following message. If so, please press on Settings. You will be redirected to another screen where you should switch on "Allow from this Source".

Once you allow this setting, you can proceed with installing the application.

Permissions are predefined by the Android Operative System and we do not have control over them. However, we only use permissions necessary for the app to work.

1. Permission to read from the files generated by the application - we only need to access the files generated by the app (you can also access these files in the Internal Storage of your phone, in the Downloads folder). We do not collect any other data from your phone. 

2. Permission to make and manage phone calls - we do not make and manage your phone calls. This permission is actually used to determine your phone state; for example, if you receive a phone call while using the application, it will stop the application and allows your phone to receive the call. Moreover, it is used to also read your unique ID - your IMEI number. 

3. Permission to access the device location - this is needed in order to locate the nearest toiletes from where you are.

4. Permission to record audio - we collect data from your microphone to understand how noisy your environment is.

Android Notifications

Your phone might display messages regarding the use of the microphone and/or camera. These are normal Android notifications and we would kindly ask you to dismiss them. 

Please remember that ideally, the study should start on a morning.

I want to take part in this research study - for downloading the application please click here: here

I do not want to take part in the research study but wish to use the app - for downloading the application please click here: here