Dr Mike Just

Position - Academic Member

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Telephone - +44 (0)141 331 8394



I am interested in the relationships between security and  human factors (HCI), and in designing secure solutions that meet their claimed security goals for use by end-users and administrators. Much of my recent work has focused on authentication technologies. Some has been focused on security, with a goal of obtaining more accurate  measures of the security of challenge questions and partial passwords (e.g., Financial Crypto 2010 and 2013). Some has been focused on  security and usability analysis (e.g., SOUPS 2009, and British HCI 2010). More broadly, I am interested in "applied cryptography" including some previous work on key agreement and time stamping protocols, and I have recently started a project with colleagues that will use some machine learning techniques. This latter, EU-funded project involves an analysis of human and application behaviours on mobile devices. The ML techniques will be used to determine patterns in the behaviours, including some interesting HCI  problems related to interacting with the user in case their device is "misbehaving".

You can find more information about me and my work at http://www.justmikejust.co.uk/