Interactive and Trustworthy Technologies Group



The aim of this project is to provide the P J Carey Construction group with a system that will enable them maximise/optimise the use of live data to improve their processes and to provide analysed data results and visualisation to the management to enable decision making before, during and after a project. 


An Adaptive Robot for Sports and Rehabilitation Coaching

 This PhD project aims to explore how, and to what extent, an adaptive robotic coach has the potential to provide extra motivation to adhere to long-term rehabilitation and help fill the coaching gap which occurs during repetitive solo practice in high performance sport. 


 This project is investigating novel ways of presenting environmental data (e.g. temperature, light intensity, and noise levels) to patients in the general ward of a hospital 


Investigation of stroke Rehabilitation Technologies

Participatory Design Workshops Investigating How Socially Assistive Robots could Assist Stroke Survivors and those with Chest and Heart Conditions 


Socially Assistive Robots (SAR) for Cognitive Rehabilitation

Research focuses on using socially assistive robots (SAR) to aid in the facilitation of cognitive rehabilitation for individuals with cognitive impairment due to age-related cognitive decline. 


Technology concepts to support Rohingya Refugees -Malaysia

  In this Research we carried out a series of Participatory Design workshops to explore how Rohingya refugees could be assisted by technology; both early on and long after they arrived in a new country.  


Games are an immersive medium which the project will use to engage code-citizens and deliver an intervention on security matters. Additionally, the process of designing serious games itself elicits the nature of the practice and engages participants in defining how to intervene and act effectively.