Social and Rehabilitation Robots to Assist Sports Rehabilitation

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Developing Socially Assistive Robots that can Deliver Cognitive Assessments in Care Settings

Supervisor: Prof Lynne Baillie

There are five phases of rehabilitation, and the aim of this PhD will be to work with a Human Robot Interaction expert and a sports physiotherapist to improve the adherence of sports professionals during 2 key phases of their rehabilitation. The two phases are: improving the range of motion and/or flexibility and improving strength and balance.

The main aim of this PhD is to explore the potential of using an adaptive robotic coaching system to increase adherence in individual sports rehabilitation in two key phases. The PhD student will have the choice on which areas too focus on. For example: what strategies can be used by an adaptive robotic coaching system to effectively motivate people to adhere to their rehabilitation? Or does adapting the interaction feedback to the sports player increase adherence to exercise? Finally does high-level personalisation, based on user information and training context, improve adherence through adaption to individuals using reinforcement learning? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at for an informal discussion about this project and how our interests fit together.