Nicholas Micallef

Nicholas Micallef Position: Associate Member
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Research areas:

Dr. Nicholas Micallef has an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh and completed his PhD with the ITT group. His PhD focused on the use of sensor data to improve the user experience of smartphone authentication. More specifically, he looked into ambient factors that are gathered through inbuilt sensors (in the form of light, noise, magnetic field and accelerometer) to ask users to enter a PIN/Pattern only when absolutely necessary, hence improving the efficiency of smartphone authentication. Only when the smartphone senses some different environmental conditions it would ask users to explicitly verify their identity through a PIN/Pattern. The main motivation behind this research was to encourage more users to protect their devices since at the moment statistics show that 64% of users do not protect their phone.  His other research interests include designing and evaluating the usability/user experience of mobile applications for specific health conditions (e.g. Stroke).

Dr. Micallef's list of publications can be found here.