David Beattie

David Beattie Position: Researcher
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Research areas:


I am a 3rd year PhD student currently working with the Interactive and Trustworthy Technologies group at Glasgow Caledonian University led by Professor Lynne Baillie. My work investigates how advancements in vehicular technology must take into account user perception in order to ensure the sense of vehicular control is not lost. The goals of this research are to investigate how a loss of control in autonomous vehicles will affect drivers; to develop auditory feedback that can be provided to drivers to effectively augment this loss of control encountered and; determine how this auditory feedback can alleviate any anxiety introduced when travelling in autonomous vehicles.

I have an Honours degree in Audio Technology and Multimedia for which I achieved a first. My Honours project looked at how music technology can provide more playful interactions and experiences for people taking part in music therapy.

My interests lie in human-computer interaction, interaction design and user experience. During the course of my academic career so far, I have been lucky enough to gain some insightful knowledge in these areas. Furthermore, I have wider expertise spanning areas such as digital audio technologies, sound design, interface design and web development. I have experience of software development for mobile and desktop applications, user studies and have published some of my work at high quality conferences.