Emilyann Nault


Research Associate, Feather Project

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Centre for Doctoral Training PhD Student, Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

With a diverse background encompassing Computer Science, Neuroscience, and Psychology, Emilyann’s passion lies in exploring the intersection of technology and healthcare. She is particularly intrigued by the potential of technological interventions, such as socially assistive robots, sensory feedback mechanisms, and brain-computer interfaces, to serve as powerful tools in enhancing the well-being of individuals in healthcare settings.

She is a Research Associate on the Feather project, which aims to develop a system for early detection of urinary tract infections.

Emilyann is a 4th year PhD student in the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) programme. Her PhD is entitled “Engaging Older Adults in Cognitive Activities through Socially Assistive Robots and Sensory Feedback.”This research has investigated different humanoid robot embodiments and varying types of sensory feedback (e.g., haptic, auditory) with the aim of improving engagement in cognitive activities for older adults prior to the onset of conditions such as dementia.

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