Interactive and Trustworthy Technologies Group
Interactive and Trustworthy Technologies Group

Academic Members


Prof. Lynne Baillie

Has a PhD and MSc in Computing. She is currently the Director of the Interactive and Trustworthy Technologies Research Group at Heriot-Watt University. She was a Senior Researcher at the Telecommunications Research Centre in Vienna (FTW) from December 2002 - December 2008. She has been successfully involved in the user centered design of home, mobile and rehabilitation technologies for over fifteen years. 

She has a strong track record over 15 years in research management and leadership at a senior level in two countries (Austria and UK). She has been awarded grants from prestigious research councils (MRC/EPSRC, FFG), international companies (Orange, Telecom Austria, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Microsoft), charities (Heritage Lottery Fund, CHSS, Paths to Health, Calman), and Governments (local, national and EU). She has over a 100 peer reviewed scientific papers in her specialist area.

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Senior Researchers


Dr Theodoros Georgiou

Is an expert in Human-Computer Interaction, with experience in designing, implementing, and testing lightweight wearable, holdable, and ambient technologies aiming to monitor and assist various aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing.
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Dr Roseline Antai

holds a PhD and M.Sc in Computer Science from the University Of Essex, United Kingdom. Her postgraduate research focused on Natural Language Processing, and in particular, Text classification and Sentiment Analysis. 

She has worked on the implementation of Machine Learning algorithms in Text analysis, and Health Informatics.   Her present project under the supervision of Prof. Lynne Baillie and Prof. David Corne, focuses on Predictive Analytics, as it applies to Decision making in Construction.  Google Scholar profile 


Dr Abiodun Akinyemi



Emilyann Nault

I am a first-year PhD student in the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) Programme. While I am still in the process of pinning down the specifics of my topic, I am looking towards using a socially assistive robot (SAR) to aid in the facilitation of cognitive rehabilitation for individuals with cognitive impairment.
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Martin K Ross

I am a second-year PhD student at Heriot-Watt University, working under the supervision of Frank Broz and Lynne Baillie. My research interests include motivation through human-robot interaction and real-world reinforcement learning.
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Sean Paterson



Matthew O'Hara

I am a first-year Graduate Apprentice for Heriot-Watt University studying honours degree Software Development for business, while also working under the management of Prof. Lynne Baillie and Prof. Yvan Petillot. My work is based around programming, presenting and engineering demonstrations of robots tailored to research, with an end goal of Robotic/Computer Engineering. 

associate members


Dr Frank Boz - Assistant Prof.


Dr Katrin Lohan - Assistant prof.